An article about the Linked Care project has been published on the APA hompage. Link to the article (German)

The following is an excerpt from it:

Vienna (OTS) - One of the largest interdisciplinary research projects aims to make Austria a Europe-wide pioneer in digital information and communication in mobile care and assistance. Linked Care - LICA - connects systems that have never been connected to one another before, ensures the flow of digital information and thus takes assistance, therapy and mobile care to a new level. At the FH Campus Wien, the Competence Center for Applied Nursing Research and the Master’s degree in Health Assisting Engineering work closely with 12 partners from the fields of technology, business, assistance and nursing, as well as science and ethics. Linked Care is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency as a lead project for the "Pflege Challenge".

Bundled information, strong communication, unique documentation

Simple operation with a high degree of automation for sustainable communication underlines the benefits of Linked Care. "We connect existing systems, such as the ELGA electronic health record, define new, uniform standards and create the possibility of new tools such as telemedicine or eHealth offers to implement ", explains the project manager. Throughout Europe, the system will set new standards for mobile care,assistanceand therapy. "We take special care in the ethically correct and user-oriented development and evaluation of the software." In the current first phase of the project, the focus is on extensive requirements analyzes due to the user-centered approach. Linked Care is to be launched in 2025.

A digital tool for everyone - everyone for Linked Care

The collaboration between stakeholders and end users in this FFG-funded project is almost unique. Expertise in the field of care and support bring in: Academy for Age Research at the House of Mercy, Johanniter Austria Training and Research in accordance with GmbH, Vienna Red Cross, Rescue, Ambulance, Care and Care Society mbH., Volkshilfe Health and Social Services GmbH and Volkshilfe Wien non-profit operating company. The technical implementation is carried out by: CareCenter Software GmbH, Loidl Consulting & IT Services GmbH, CompuGroup Medical CGM, Österreichische Apotheker-Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H. and Steszgal Informationstechnologie GmbH. In addition to the FH Campus Wien, the University of Vienna and the FH Technikum Wien are involved as scientific partners.