Volkshilfe Gesundheits- und Soziale Dienste GmbH (GSD GmbH), as a subsidiary of Volkshilfe OÖ, offers services for elderly and/or sick people, as well as for children and young people.
The main service of GSD GmbH is the provision of mobile care and nursing throughout the province. Other mobile services include mobile therapy ( logopedics, ergotherapy and physiotherapy) and household services. In addition, Volkshilfe GSD GmbH offers several services for people with dementia. These include dementia service centres within the framework of the Upper Austrian Dementia Network as well as day care. The offer is supplemented by different forms of housing (assisted living, sheltered housing). For children and adolescents, there is the international child care Mosaik and the children's and youth centre Löwenzahn. In addition, the speech therapy service screens thousands of children every year for their language development before they start school and provides therapeutic support if needed.

The project is managed by Ms Waltraud Schwarz (Head of Health Services) and Ms Julia Kitzberger, BA MA (Head of Economics).

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